Amazon Purchases

Here are all of our purchases on Amazon starting 10/8/17. I will also include our thought process for buying them and our reviews after we got them.

Leather-Soled Shoes (Moccasins)

We buy these for our 2-year-old son because they are softer and more flexible than normal shoes. I believe this helps him to walk with better form and is less likely to deform his feet by squishing his big and little toes in. We have been getting him these since he started walking at 10 months and we love them!

During the summer in Phoenix, the pavement can get blisteringly hot and these shoes do not protect against that heat as well as normal shoes so we are careful to choose other footwear if he is going to be walking on pavement for a long period of time during the hottest times of the day. This doesn’t come up often as it is uncomfortable being outside during this heat and we would likely be playing at a park or playground where the ground is much cooler.
Lion Graphic

Elephant Graphic

Magnetic Drawing Board

Our son loves to draw and my wife loves to buy him things. There were cheaper versions of this available, but the reviews we read talked about durability being an issue. We like cheap prices but we get much better value from buying a high enough quality to never have to make the purchase again and possibly be able to resell later for what we bought it for.
Magnetic Drawing Board

Penguin Race Setup

This is another thing my wife thinks our son will enjoy. We have been actively getting rid of clutter by selling items taking up space in our house we no longer use regularly. I imagine this will soon be one of those items because we already have plenty of toys for our son already.

Penguin Race Setup

Electric Bike

I bought this partially as an experiment to see how feasible getting rid of my car would be. I have taken it on a trip to a gym 16 miles each way and it wasn’t bad. I definitely would’ve struggled to do this trip without the pedal assist. The bike seems solidly made and appears to be an excellent deal for the price. I thought the battery was removable with this one, but it isn’t. There seemed to be several different brands all with the same price and some with the exact same model in the pictures so shopping for it was a little weird most had no reviews. There is another model that has a removable battery but it is not incorporated into the frame. The free professional bike assembly was appreciated as the disc brakes were difficult to get adjusted correctly. That and I didn’t know how to properly index the derailers or torque the other bolts.

Electric Bike

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