ACT and Math Tutoring


I taught high school math and the ACT and SAT preparation courses at my school. I have also been tutoring students in Geometry and ACT/SAT test preparation as a side-business for the last few years. I teach students study skills, content mastery, and testing skills. I also support students with completing their homework and try to improve intrinsic motivation. Many students dramatically improve their ACT and SAT test scores due to the unique skills required for the tests and most students significantly improve their grades after working with me.

If you live in the Phoenix area, and your student would like to improve their standardized test scores or math grade, please email me at so we can discuss if I can help him/her. I charge $50/hour with a 2-hour minimum session length if you live in the 85028 vicinity.

You can also take my test preparation course online at, normally $200. Here is a link to a free preview of the course and 90% off coupon code DIRECT.