FIRE Course

Imagine being able to do only the things that give you the most fulfillment without worrying about money. What would you do with your time if working wasn’t necessary?

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This course consolidates all the information you need to reach financial independence and focuses you on the key levers to supercharge your path to financial independence. You will learn the best mindset to enjoy life while saving money, how to maximize real earnings, when you can retire, and how to invest. You will be saving ridiculous amounts of money each month, but still enjoying your life so much you will wonder where all the money you used to spend went. You will start to value your time and require that your employer or customers start to value your time as you do. You will have a concrete goal letting you know exactly when you will never have to worry about money, and you will know exactly what and where to invest your excess savings—which will be big.

This course is simple and even my most remedial high school students can and do follow it. However, some of my smartest friends and students don’t follow it and are getting left behind to live an unfulfilled life worrying about money. The point is, if you are willing to take action, you will be successful. You can be earning minimum wage and still reach financial independence in a relatively short time. You don’t need to be a typical American working into your 70s.

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