Most Influential FI Blogs This was the original financial independence retire early (FIRE) blog. Jacob, the author wrote a book called “Early Retirement Extreme”. The blog details how he was able to drastically cut his spending in order to retire within 5 years. He did this by dramatically cutting his housing, transportation, and food costs. He found rent … Continue reading Most Influential FI Blogs

How Much Do I Need To Spend On My Child’s Education?

Before I found out my wife was pregnant with my son, I was comfortable with my finances. I was saving a good percentage of my relatively small teacher’s salary. However, once I knew that I had a child on the way that I wanted to provide for, I instantly became worried that my teacher’s salary … Continue reading How Much Do I Need To Spend On My Child’s Education?

Investment Recommendations

The proper investments for an individual vary based on his/her specific situation with many factors to consider in addition to those mentioned in the previous post, Investment Considerations. None of the recommendations here are taking into account your specific situation and should not be considered investment advice. Investing carries a large chance of losing money and … Continue reading Investment Recommendations